Funagin’s Story

Long ago, in a time gone by, lived the kind and much beloved King Jason of Funlandia. King Jason began noticing that the people of his kingdom were becoming unhappy; they didn’t laugh much, and certainly didn’t smile enough. He noticed that the grown-ups were so focused on their daily work, that by evening, they were grumpy and tired. The children kept to themselves so as not to upset their parents.

This troubled King Jason immensely.

One night, the King had a dream. It was a dream of his childhood, filled with color, and laughter, and family. His heart swelled with happiness as he ran and jumped and played, once again a little boy.

But when he awoke the next morning, his heart felt heavy and sad.

“I wish the children of my kingdom could enjoy such happiness, and live exciting adventures with their families as I once did.”

He pondered his dilemma many days, each night having the same joyous dream; and each morning awakening with sadness in his heart for all that his loyal subjects were missing out on. He wished he had a magic wand.

“That’s it! We need magic,” King Jason exclaimed. He promptly summoned the great Wizard Cosmo to the castle.

Cosmo was a truly gifted Wizard with wisdom beyond his years. With his vast knowledge of magic and kind and compassionate heart, King Jason knew the Wizard would help him and his people.


Upon entering the castle, Cosmo could immediately sense the sorrow in King Jason’s heart and listened intently as the King told Cosmo of the plight of his people and his recurring dream.

“If I could do anything, I would bring my dreamland to life. Would you fashion my childhood memories into a wonderful land for my subjects to enjoy as much as I once did? Then they would surely smile again, and laugh, and play together as families.”

“Tell me of your memories and I shall do my best,” replied Cosmo.

With great pleasure, King Jason began.

“I recall how exciting it was sliding down the banister on the grand staircase of the castle. I remember bouncing on the royal bed jumping as high as I possibly could to touch the overhead canopy, and making obstacles out of the various pillows placed there.”

“I remember how I would race down the halls of the castle, bounding from room to room, sometimes even getting lost in its labyrinth. And how amusing it was for my sister, father and friends to gather in the dark dungeon for a rousing game of lantern wars, counting points for each time we hit each other with a beam from its light.”

“I recall memories of trips taken to the Amazon Rainforest where we slid down massive waterfalls and saw the most amazing creatures. We even once encountered a pirate ship upon the high seas.  While at sea we fished, whereupon my father snagged a giant shark.  How excited and frightened we were until the shark finally broke free to swim away to safety – for all of us!”


“But my most treasured memory is of my pet dinosaur named Ninji, who would follow me wherever I went. He was truly my most beloved friend,” King Jason said tearfully.

“Your Majesty, it would be an honor to fulfill your greatest wishes, but I must be granted one request in return,” said the smiling Cosmo.

“Anything,” King Jason quickly agreed.

With his wand encircling his head, Cosmo sent an enormous beam of light over the village of Funlandia. It emblazoned the sky with auras of glistening colors never imagined by the villagers as they watched in awe at the magnificent sight developing before them. A dreamland of fun and adventure and surprise was taking shape.

“Dear Wizard, Cosmo! You have perfectly captured my adventures and have saved my people from days filled with only drudgery and work. Tell me your request so that I may somehow repay you for your amazing generosity,” said a grateful King Jason.

With a twinkle in his eye, Cosmo replied, “I wish that you would call this new land Funagin’s – because it is the place where fun begins!”

Heartily laughing with joy, King Jason replied – “I whole-heartedly agree!  And so it shall be.” And the King declared:

“ Welcome to FUNAGIN’S!  Where Fun Begins”


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