Paintball Guide

Age Requirements:

Players must be 10 years or older at the time of play(No Exceptions). The player must be able to understand the importance of the safety rules.


Everyone must sign a waiver and safety instruction sheet. All players must listen to and understand the safety briefing. Players under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver prior to play. All signed waivers must be complete and legible.


Boots or running shoes must be worn on fields, no sandals or open toed shoes will be permitted. Funagin’s recommends long sleeves and long pants. Jean or sweatpants work best, just make sure they are something you do not mind getting dirty or possibly torn. We recommend wearing a t-shirt as well as an over shirt, hooded sweatshirts work great! Paintball gloves and neck guards may be worn to protect open skin.


Every game will have a referee. The referee is instructed in safety rules and has final authority to eject a player from the game for rule violations.


Funagin’s is a Field Paint Only facility, all paintballs shot at Funagin’s must be purchased from Funagin’s. In Paintball you WILL get dirty, but the paint is biodegradable and will come out of clothes in a normal wash. When a paintball breaks and marks or paints you, you are considered “dead” and are out of the game. We enforce a “Mercy” rule, wherein a player cannot shoot another player within 10′ distance to avoid an “up close and personal” shot. Funagin’s encourages a good sport ethic.

NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS are allowed on Funagin’s property. We are a family oriented establishment and we encourage good, clean fun for all.


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