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content-wiz53,000 Square Feet of Paintball Warzone!

It’s one thing to challenge your friends to a video game war like Call of Duty, it’s completely another when you pick up your paintball gun and tell them to meet you outside! The rain and snow are real. The mud is wet. The heat is blazing. The cold is bitter. Finding an unoccupied fortress could mean life or death (figuratively speaking, of course!). One good shot is all you need to take down your enemies. You get to define who the “enemy” is. Maybe it’s a co-worker, or your best friend. It could be a team of complete strangers because you and your buddies stick together. Maybe it’s groomsmen against the groom or parents vs. kids. However you stack up teams, you’ll have the best time making memories you’ll never forget! And you don’t even have to have your own equipment. At Funagin’s you can rent paintball guns, masks, and you’ll get unlimited air refills all day. Save your own paintballs for another time, because we have Funagin’s paintballs you can purchase once you get here – and for everyone’s safety, those are the only ones you can use anyway. That’s just one of the rules we have; of course there are others. Know the rules ahead of time, stick to them, and you’ll have a blast! Safety is our biggest concern and “Is paintball safe” is one of the most commonly asked questions. Click here for some hard facts about safety. Not sure what to wear? Click here for a guide!

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Pick Your Battlefield

The game is different each time you come! With two different battle fields to choose from, you can hide among abandoned buildings of a once thriving city, or you can maneuver your way through strategically placed obstacles on a modern-day playing field. Each area offers unique challenges. Find your best vantage point for surveying the field and then make a break for it in the open as you run to take cover without getting shot. Use signals to help your teammates out and always watch their back. Seek shelter in buildings, behind hay bales, stay low or go high; but regardless of the field you’re on – stay alert! Check out the war gallery to get a sneak peek, then start your reservation today!

Directions to the Warzone

Paintball Hours & Rates

Paintball OPEN PLAY (Year Round)

Saturday: Noon – 6PM

Sunday: Noon – 6PM


HPA Fills:

3000 PSI: $4.00

4500 PSI: $6.50

Paintballs: We are a FIELD PAINT ONLY facility. (All Paintballs must be purchased from Warzone Paintgames)

500 Paintballs: $19.95

1000 Paintballs: $37.95

2000 Paintballs: $ 55.00

 All rates are plus Tax.

Rental Packages

TRY PAINTBALL PACKAGE: $30.00 Rental_Package_1

(Includes Tippmann 98 Marker, Admission, All Day Air, Facemask, 200 Round Hopper, HPA Tank and 100 Paintballs)

Rental Package 2: $42.00 Rental_Pacakge_2

(Includes Tippmann 98 Marker, Admission, All Day Air, Facemask, 200 Round Hopper, HPA Tank and 500 Paintballs)

Please NO Outside Food or Drinks.

View Paintball Rules

Group Events and Parties

To make your reservation please call 419-517-1750 between Noon and 6:00pm,seven days a week. You must be 18 years of age to book a reservation. You can also book online using our Online Reservation system by Clicking Here . The minimum age to play paintball at Funagin’s is 10 years of age. All Rates are plus Tax.

Paintball Party Package

  • 6 to 9Players – $49.00 per person*
  • 10 to 49 Players – $42.00 per person*
  • 50+ Players – $38.00 per person*

*(Includes 3 Hour Session, Private Referee*, Admission, Air Refills, Tippmann 98 Marker, Full Facemask Protection, HPA Air System, 500 Paintballs) Food Packages are available for an additional charge. Start Your Reservation Now!

Birthday Party Package (16 and under)

  • 3 Hour Session
  • Private Referee*
  • Admission for 10 Players
  • Rental Equipment (Tippmann 98 Marker, HPA Air System, Full Facemask Protection)
  • 3000 Paintballs
  • 2 – Large 1 topping Pizzas
  • 10 – Refreshments

$395.00 + Tax Start Your Reservation Now!

Paintball / Laser Tag Combo Party Package

  • Up to 8 Guests (Players must be 10 years of Age)
  • 2 Games of Laser Tag
  • 2 Hours of Paintball Open Play
  • Rental Equipment (Tippmann 98 Marker, HPA Air System, Full Facemask Protection)
  • 2000 Paintballs

$350.00 + Tax Start Your Reservation Now!

Paintball Parties require a $100.00 Deposit at the time of booking. Deposit will be credited to your balance and is not refundable( Please see Cancellation Policy Below)  *Additional Fees apply for a private session. Funagin’s is a FIELD PAINT ONLY Facility. All Paintballs shot at Funagin’s must be bought at Funagin’s. Funagin’s is a family friendly facility, therefore the use of Drugs or Alcohol is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises. Cancellation Policy: Deposit is non-refundable. If you provide at least 14 days notice you may apply your deposit to any available date or time within the next two months. Any party cancelled with less than 14 days notice will forfeit their deposit.


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